Who is this Alan Tishk character?

A native Philadelphian and proud transplant to the frozen northeast called New England, Alan Tishk is a Music Technologist, Audio Engineer, and Maker in the Boston area.  He is an alumnus of the inaugural class of the Music Technology Innovation graduate program at Berklee College of Music in Valencia, Spain.

Receiving his first guitar at age 16 destined Alan for a career in music.  Alan attended Berklee College of Music in Boston, graduating in 2003 with a Bachelor’s Degree in Music Production and Engineering.  He relocated to Detroit in 2006, and worked as a staff engineer in several recording studios (and freelance at multiple others) in the Detroit area until he moved back to Boston in 2013.  Working in Detroit, Alan amassed quite the client list - click the “Clients” link for some examples. 

In 2013, Alan’s quest for more knowledge brought him to Berklee College of Music for a second round, this time at Berklee’s new campus in Valencia, Spain.  While at Berklee Valencia, Alan developed a major project called “Robaton” with a classmate.  Robaton is a combination of a virtual orchestral conducting system, using a gestural interface and programmed in Max, and a percussion-playing robot, dubbed “Curiosibot.”  The Robaton project was featured at the Sonar+D festival in Barcelona in June 2014, and at the Príncipe Felipe Museum of Science in Valencia in July 2014.  Robaton will also be featured in an upcoming children’s book on music technology, entitled Technology in Action: Music, published by Capstone Press.

Alan’s interests are far-reaching, but almost all can be tied to music technology or education (and often both).  Click the “Portfolio” link to see some of Alan’s work, both academic and professional.

In Alan’s free time, you’ll find him hosting a Kevin Smith movie marathon at his home, playing guitar, rooting for his beloved Red Sox, and spending quality time with his son - sometimes all at once.


Alan is proficient in the following skills and technologies:

Analog Audio Console Operation
Analog Tape Machine Operation

Mastering (Analog and Digital domains)
Live Sound Reinforcement
Sound Design
Voiceover/Voice Acting

Pro Tools
Logic Pro
Ableton Live
Serato DJ
iZotope RX

Max (Cycling '74)

Adobe Premiere

EAGLE PCB Design Software
PCB Rework

MIDI Controller Design, Maintenance, Repair