Robaton is the Master's Thesis project between myself and fellow Berklee Valencia Master's Degree student, Pierluigi Barberis.  It is a combination of a Virtual Conducting Experience, developed by myself, and a music-making robot, dubbed "Curiosibot," created by Pierluigi.  

The Virtual Conducting Experience is a combination of hardware and software allowing the end user to experience conducting a virtual ensemble through hand gestures.  The hardware is an Xbox Kinect, and I developed the software in Max 6 and Max for Live.  My software communicates with an existing piece of free software called Synapse.

Curiosibot plays the Crotales with small sticks attached to solenoids.  These solenoids are attached to an Arduino board, which is controlled via Max 6.  Curiosibot also has a mechanical "head" which follows the music and interacts with the conductor.

The Robaton project was featured at the Sonar+D festival in Barcelona in June 2014, and at the Príncipe Felipe Museum of Science in Valencia in July 2014.  Robaton will also be featured in an upcoming children’s book on music technology, entitled Technology in Action: Music, published by Capstone Press.

With Robaton, anyone, regardless of musical experience, can control a musical robot with a wave of his or her hands.


Robaton - a project by Alan Tishk and Pierluigi Barberis

This project was presented as a Master's Thesis project, but will undergo further development.  Questions, suggestions, and comments are always welcome!